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Being skeptical is actually a very good thing and I'm glad that you are. I am too and that is why I created my signature methodology around authentic beauty for all my clients. If you haven't yet, you can check out the various testimonials on my site to get some insight into how and what I do.
I do work 1:1 with a limited number of women per year, but I also have trainings and services that allow you to still work with me at a much more affordable level. And the quality and outcome is the same for either service as I only work with clients who I’m confident will see the results in their beauty retirement account and 10 x (fold) their investment

I love the idea of an expert like you help me but i'm  very skeptical of skin care experts and makeup artists because I have more often than not been sold a bill of goods or not had a positive experience i was hoping for. Plus i don't think i could afford you

That is a very good question! If you’re here on this page, wanting to deepen and elevate your approach to skin care and beauty, then I imagine you have a feeling there’s something more—something better—to help you on that journey, yes? My guidance  will help you gain more knowledge and actual proof of what you may know already, and will help you achieve your biggest beauty goals faster. Since science evolves at a steady pace we can always learn something new that will benefit us in the long run, right?

I already know all there is to know about my skin and make-up products and feel generally very comfortable with what I use and buy. How could I benefit from any services you offer?

I hear you!  You’ve already heard all sorts of stories and promises about what’s best for you. The honest truth is that I know WHO I am and HOW I can help you; my words and actions are aligned; and I take a curious, unbiased, open-minded, and service-centric approach to the work I do. You won’t hear me sell you products and push my beliefs on you but rather guide you to the right information relevant to just you. I test the waters so that you don’t have to. I’ll never recommend something that I haven’t first checked properly against the latest, reliable medical & scientific research and think worthy of your wallet, your time and above all, your unique skin.

My current skin care and makeup routines aren’t working anymore but i'm overwhelmed by all the infomation overload out there and also who to trust - I feel stuck!

I totally understand. But I also have a solution for you. Why? Because I get you to a more simplified, easy and present state with your skincare and make-up approach, taking it at whatever pace works for you. There are no rules, just a framework that makes it possible to discover what works for you. You can’t ever fail at learning more about healthy and reliable options for your skin and beauty approach, especially when you have a beauty expert as your guide! 

I think I know what to do, I’m just not doing it. How can I find a simple way to see results?

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