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Cookie Cutter Solutions

Welcome to my Course Suite

Welcome to your online holistic beauty fitting session (sans the cookie cutter approach) where you can sip your yummy favourite drink, hang out with me, and learn how to build out your dream beauty routine in your life and authentic beauty confidence on camera step-by-awesome-step. Your friends will be jealous

interested in big promises that don’t deliver, fancy brands that don’t work, treatments that will alter your authentic appearance

and feel as though you are being truly nurtured and guided to a real solution 

Am I right?

I'm so happy you're here, and
I’m sure you aren’t ..

I'm so happy you're here, and I’m sure
you aren’t ..

You want simplicity and customisation..

be fearlessly authentic

End your confusion on what your real skin type and skin code is, what your skin's needs are, and what products will be best suited for you and which to avoid?

1:1 virtual sessions with me, a globally licensed, certified Pro Skincare Science & Ingredient Consultant, who  understands your specific skin needs, helping to save you time and money forever.

and traditionally modern

Are you ready to finally master your skincare routine?


Future proof your
beauty confidence
starting with your unique skin

Skincare Clarity

Skincare Clarity

EKD FaceWardrobe® Group Experience

Let’s talk about how to go FROM being overwhelmed and confused about the beauty information overload,  not being aligned to the best version of yourself, and listening to excuses in your head about having no time or being stuck in a beauty rut TO becoming authentically confident about your choices around reliable and safe beauty products and techniques. and having peace of mind about implementing all the steps to look but most importantly feel your best in the skin you're in now and at any stage in your life.

I have packaged up my entire signature methodology that up until now was only available to my celebrity clients and now it’s all yours

level up your beauty game and become skintelligent

3 MONTHS Group
Coaching Experience

EKD FaceWardrobe®
1:1 Bespoke Experience
with me 

Together, we go on a wonderful custom designed journey over a few months and dive deep into the unique history of your skin, your current lifestyle, and more in order to unearth the very products, practices, and inner and outer beauty regime that will bring your authentic self to life—at every age.

Through a mix of step-by-step strategies, simple formulas and methods, layered with tough love and direct feedback you'll have your personal beauty expert at your side 

Craving the Luxury of a Private 1:1 ongoing Experience and to be a true Skindividual? This is for You.

Prefer to do it with just me?


Inside this training, I'll walk you through the 7 most critical decisions to future-proof your beauty confidence each season/ each year.

SPEAK your skin's language fluently | SET your beauty compass in the right direction | FUTURE-PROOF your beauty outcomes | MAKE each year your most beauty-confident yet 

Even if you feel you already have your beauty routine dialled totally in

Online & Limited to
5 Clients Per Year

Set up your yearly beauty routines with me inside this workshop training

workshop training Plus implemented beauty calendar

The Ultimate
Holistic Beauty

 Explore the EKD Facewardrobe


“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was.
I didn't think it would work for me. It did.
I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am.”

Success Story

Success Story

I always had problems to find the right products for my skin and Asian features that made me feel comfortable, beautiful and still me. Eileen was the first expert that actually looked truly at me and designed a process for me that fits just me and my life. What’s best is that I can easily implement it all in my own life with 3 kids and a busy schedule with my online biz.

I’m so confident now to set up my day the right way by following my mood and reflecting that in my makeup approach. I have access to Eileen in an ongoing way and feel like I have my own personal expert at my fingertips. That is so exciting and priceless for me!


Grab Your Free Resources

Grab Your Free Resources

5 Powerful Steps to nourish your skin from the Inside Out & Outside In Stress-free, guess-free beauty starts with something simple: a personalised roadmap for YOUR skin.

free download


My behind the scenes
favourite  tips

The essential, handy Checklist to help you identify which products you need to say goodbye to plus the Guideline
to discover how to extend the life of your products once opened

free download


Be Product  Smart

Have the Insight, become


There is no such thing as Ideal Beauty - only Conscious Beauty

Here, on the EKD FaceWardrobe® platform, you can find an unbiased skin care and beauty framework that shows women like you the pathway forward to not only look beautiful, but to curate the personalised blueprint you need to maintain vibrancy and be fully self-expressed at every stage of life. 

Through the right skincare, lifestyle, food choices AND, of course, the perfect makeup, the various training options in the EKD FaceWardrobe® have it all so that you can put your best face forward and face the world confidently, every single day in your life and on camera in your business.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you

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I'm Eileen

Beauty Strategist, successful Hollywood Makeup Artist, Skin Devotee and Educator, I'm also a mommy to a boy, a golden retriever and happy wife. I'm so glad you're here. Come explore all the goodies I created for YOU.

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